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Pie and π

How San Francisco sees the World.

How Taiwan sees the World (written in Chinese).

The expulsion of Pluto from the Ranks of Planets could trigger a solar-system wide Armageddon, analysts say.

Breaking news! This morning, a group of highly acclaimed professors at Stanford University has announced the discovery of heaviest element known, Stanfurdium!

What is The Thesis?
Unfortunately, no one can be told what The Thesis is. I can only show you the door, but one has to see it for oneself. However, you have been warned: once you see The Thesis, there will be no turning back! Are you ready?

This afternoon, the United States Air Force conducted carpet bombing against Stanford University to exterminate Stanfurdium.

John Kerry vs. George W. Bush

World's most brilliant Anagram.

Letter to the Red States