The California Golden Bears vs. The Southern Cal Trojans:

The Cal Rooting Section.
You can see an island of Blue in the sea of red.

The LA Memorial Coliseum is the home of the USC Trojans football. The Golden Bears took on the Trojans on the road.

Two Friends at the Game

Bears were excellent on offense, outgaining USC 424 yards to 205, and 31 first downs to 14.

Aaron Rodgers completed 29 of 34 attempts for 267 yards and a touchdown. He set the NCAA record with 23 straight completions.

The Cal offense chats with the coaching staff during a time out.

No. 8 Aaron Rodgers is shown on the lower left corner, and No. 5 Makonnen caught the ball in front of the Trojan defender.

The ball is in the air, traveling to the wide open tight end Garrett Cross.

Cal cheerleaders were right in front of the Cal Band and the Cal rooting section, cheering on the crowd.

Harrison Smith (No. 11) intercepted a pass from Matt Leinart in the end zone. The Bears defense overall limited the Trojans to only 205 yards of total offense and 164 yards in the air.

With 4:31 left in the game, the Golden Bears offense stepped onto the field for one last time, for the final drive that wasn't.

With the receivers covered, Rodgers scrambled for 14 yards for a first down in the final drive of the game.

So close, yet so far. With 1:30 left in the game and trailing by 6, a laser beamed by Rodgers was dropped, and another pass was thrown to a receiver who slipped on the route, concluded a Trojan victory.

The Cal Band performns at the half.

Teams shake hands as they were leaving the field. The Bears received a standing ovation as they were leaving the field, applauding their great effort in a hostile environment against the #1 team in the country.