Cruise to Alaska, Summer 2003

A couple times the dinners on Radiance of the Sea is designated "formal nights," which is why I had my suits on.

Centrum is the center of the ship, where there are 6 beautiful glass elevators, and you can see all that is above and below.

I have this UCLA hat in my hand, and a Cal shirt on my body.

From left to right: my cousin, my aunt, my other aunt, me, my aunt's friend, and my aunt's other friend.

This is taken when I went onto a train in Skaway, a small Alaskan town.


This is at Ketchikan, yet another Alaskan town.

This is taken by a professional photographer on Radiance of the Sea, in front of a picture.

This is one of the original six Gatling guns, and one of the three still surviving to this date. The Gatling guns are the world's first machine guns.